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How to Get Strong Nails | Healthy Life

Each female might want to have long and solid nails. Be that as it may, that is not all that simple to accomplish the accomplishments. There are various reasons why you can't have pleasant and solid nails: awful execution, a poor and hurtful eating regimen, and so on. Fortunately, there are a few customs made cures that can show signs of improvement in the circumstance and the soundness of your nails. Keep perusing, on the off chance that you need to discover how to get long and solid nails.

Underneath, you have a few cures that will help make your nails solid once more.

Natively constructed Natural solutions for solid nails:


Garlic is one of the most important and powerful normal fixings that will make your nails long and solid. There are different approaches to apply it. Underneath, you have the best and valuable ways – this is what you have to do.

Method 1:

Pound a couple of huge garlic cloves and spot the glue on our nails for 10 minutes, if conceivable do this each day. It will forestall the development of microscopic organisms, improve flow and normally develop nails. Also, its taste will keep you from gnawing them!

Method 2:

A mix of garlic and lemon is the best answer for delicate nails. Smash a huge garlic clove and leave to bubble fifty-fifty some water. When the blend has bubbled, expel it from the warmth and let it chill off. At that point include 1 tsp. of newly pressed lemon juice. Blend everything and empty the fluid into an unfilled nail clean jug. Apply the blend each prior night hitting the sack and you will see after some time, your nails will become solid and solid.

Method 3:

Add some solidified squashed garlic to nail clean and enable it to sit for seven days. For best outcomes, apply this blend each day over your nails.


Horsetail is a restorative plant, for the most part, utilized for treating stylish issues. It is additionally an ideal element for treating your nails.

Method 1:

Set up a blend of horsetail, leave it until it's cool, and absorb your nails the answer for 15 minutes. For generally magnificent, do this treatment a few times each week,

Method 2:

Another powerful normal solution for solid nails is to blend ½ cup of milk with lemon juice. Absorb your nails this blend for 15 minutes. Rehash this treatment three times each week. You will be astounded by the outcomes.


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