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How to sleep fast as Soon as Possible - Healthy life

 How to sleep fast

I love sleeping so much. Like literally, I would just sleep for the whole day if i could.
I haven't had the chance to do that for a while but that would be like my dream.Despite that I actually have a lot of trouble falling asleep sometimes just anxious or stressed and when there's a lot going on in my life waste thinking about the things I shouldn't be thinking about it, Night freaking myself out and just really impossible to get a good nights sleep, So if you've ever experienced. I'll going to help you guys so today.

 Some Life hacks To help you relax well and sleep easily

I'm going through twenty life hacks to help you relax well let's sleep and while I was writing this blog. It was hilarious because my cat had no trouble falling asleep. Let's go having some white noise around really helps you sleep, but not the sudden annoying ones such as farLabors a wildlife these kind of noises aredisruptive for this pressureSensors and Joy you out of your relaxed fate the best way to counter this is to turn on some white noise yourself and this is a calming music track or the TV at low volume and you can actually pop your headphones on the headphones. Ensure that the outside noise wont disrupt you and it kind of acts like earplugs. 

My favorite noises are probably raindrop sounds. Rainy days are one of the most relaxing kind of times and really makes me want to crawl into bed and slept easily.
Please write So I found out that there is a magic sleep button in the middle of our foreheads. There's a pressure point between our eyes thats called the third-eye appropriately Ofcourse, and it's set to relieve anxiety fear and depression and also help with Insomnia.
This is the same spot as well as If you want to put essential oils to help you sleep one of the oils that's known to make you fall asleep easier is Jasmine oil. This might sound a little bit strange But, you can try blinking really quickly for 60 seconds tired eyes will help you sleep pasta, which is true now I'm not sure if there's any evidence behind this one, but I tried it anyways during the daytime was pretty uncomfortable, But blinking in the dock was absolutely fine and my eyes actually did feel kind of tired afterwards, Let me know if it works for you and for me.

  • Did you know? There's a theoretical perfect temperature to fall asleep? Studies have shown that setting your room temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius helps you sleep fastest. That's kind of cold, but this is because your body's core temperature actually drops as you go to sleep So setting a cooler room temperature will help your body cool down faster. We don't have a thermostat. You can try sticking your feet out from underneath the blankets or your arm or whatever,

  •  This is what, I normally do or buy a dinner with a little warmth rating or direct a fan towards you keep in mind. This is an average and everybody's perfect temperature is slightly different, So find one. That's right for you, I have a feeling my perfect temperature is actually pretty high because, I like being Super warm when I say from so you can try this meditation technique? 
  •  All you need to do is work your way down your body focusing and consciously relaxing each muscle in your body if you're having trouble doing, this you can actually tense the muscles first and then, relax it when you finish your whole body should be relaxed, and you should just float off into sleep justice, but now a spoonful of honey before bed has been shown todrastically improve your nights sleep and an even better way to have this is to combine it, with some warm soy milk or milk and Vanilla which will help you fall asleep faster. This is definitely a case where the old wives tale actually has some truth to it milk and soy milk have an ingredient called Tryptophan, which is a natural calming agent that relaxes your body without Medication that is why I always feel sleepy after a cup of milk only use your bed for a place to sleep and another certain activity but try not to do anything else in bed like watch movies or eat food or other excitingattention-Grabbing activities also only wear your PJs before its time to sleep and this helps condition your brain to know that when your PJs are you going to bed? Its time for your body to wind down and get into sleep modethis was going to be my favorite one because apparently hiding our cat helps you get to sleep for this lucky enough to have a pet it has to be sure that petting your furry little friend before sleep is a great way to de-stress and calm your body for our peaceful sleep and apparently a cats purr is really one of the best stress relieving sounds ever it also takes you away from doing other potentially stimulating activities and you can try a soft toy if you don't have a child you like sleeping on your side try sleeping on your left side apparently sleeping on the right can lead to acid reflux and Gastrointestinal problems because of the way your stomach is orientated which can interfere with a good nights sleep also, If he have enjoyed pregnant sleeping on the right can interview blood flow to your heart which sounds pretty bad and dangerous. The left side it is try eating some tart cherries before bed these fruits are one of the few natural sources of Melatonin which can help you regulate your circadian? Rhythm and get you on a regular consistent sleep schedule can also get melatonin in a tablet.

 But I much prefer eating cherries being in a pitch-black dark room also helps you produce military. There's actually a specific breathing pattern that is meant to induce the sleepiness which I thought sounded too good to be true basically you need to breathe for four seconds hold it for seven then breathe out over eight seconds. You need to do this four times, and you should feel more relaxed dig that reason why this works is a little bit unclear But it seems to be related to a meditation breathing technique that focuses on relaxation and breathing Exercises in General are really awesome to get into take a hot bath or shower before you sleep I know some people shower at night and others in the morning But if you're undecided this is a good reason to bath at night the reason this helps you sleep faster. Is that your body temperature? rises during your bathAnd then the rapid temperature drop off do you get out is similar to the temperature drop that occurs before you sleep?Which makes you feel sleepy at Roulette?Put away all your electronics at least 30 minutes before sleeping numerous studies have shown that blue light from electronic devicesdisrupts your ability to relax and sleepBut some people like myself actually do one down on their phone or iPad sometimes so what then there's actually an app calledTwilight that removes all emitted blue light from your screens which for me is totally game-changing, and you can actually set itSo this automatically turns on at a certain time of nightTry having a bowl of oatmeal not only does it help you sleep, but it also helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterolOats Contain both Magnesium and calcium which are two minerals important for restful nightsMagnesium has a calming effect on the body and is also an important building block for Melatonin at a deficiency of Magnesium can be one of the causes of Insomniado the cognitive shuffle you need to imagine random objects a one after another lacks a unicorn cat toaster orJust random stuffThis works because often the reason we cant sleep is that our brains are still thinking about all the problems of the dayWhich I do every single night and not letting itself went down this activitysignals to the brain that there are no more important things to think about for the day because the objects are so random andUnconnected that the brain feels like it can officially sign off for the night the other way to doThis is use a word like unicorn and imagine as many objects starting with each letter as possibleIf youre having trouble sleeping put your legs up against your head foot Or wool this actually comes from a yoga pose?And not surprisingly cold legs up the wall Very very clever with their names a harvard study actually showed that people who practice.

 Yoga for eight weeks slept far better than people who didn't but also found that if we didn't have enough time to practice yoga Just this single pose would be enough to help pose release stress, but also take strain off your lower back muscles and its pretty easy to do.

 One of the best ways to fall asleep is to get a massage with some aromatherapy. I actually have fallen asleep pretty much every time. I go and get a massage this definitely works getting your bae to help you with this is ideal but, If not You can still apply a few drops of essential oils onto your pillow for a relaxing effect and the other thing. I love to use is this I massager as well which really pops me to sleep straight away. I literally drift off before the 10 minute session is, When you can't sleep and you want to toss and turn? 

Try not to it wont help I've done it enough times to know that tossing and turning only makes you even more restless. Just continue to be as still as you can and eventually the sensation of restlessness will pass. Maybe you matter with some other hacen fullest. Most people set an alarm to wake up But you should also try setting alarm to tell you when to sleep Or at least tell you when you should start getting ready for sleep I am super bad at this and I always go to bed way too late. Science has shown that sleeping at the same time every day of to regulate your circadian rhythm which helps your body know when its time to go to sleep.

 How to sleep correctly

If you sleep like that, one thing that will happen to you is your sleep quota if you are sleeping for eight hours. It simply drop to three to four hours just straight away. Just Lie down for 12 minutes and do it till the last moment till you fall asleep. You know, theres a North Pole and a South Pole. This means these are the magnetic centers and you also know the whole land massesall continents have been slowly being pulled towards the north. They've been traveling while the Himalayas is though whatever were seeing Himalayan mountain ranges that Manasarovar you will find seashells in ManasarovarBecause at some point it was at sea, It was at mean sea level today, It is at fifteen thousand six hundred feet. So, what transported this lake bed which was at sea level to this place is the whole indian subcontinent is crashing into the central Asian plate and this is why the Himalayan mountains are still continuing to grow. Its just piling up is just a crash every year India is losing about 1.3 centimeters are so not perfect on the number somewhere in that range every year India is losing about 1.3 centimeters or something because it's crashing into the Himalayan range and it s piling upbecause. The magnetic pull of the North Pole is slowly pulling all the land masses upward. So, such a huge magnetic pole where the continents are moving up that kind of magnetic pole is constantly in enforcement across the globe. Suppose, You had a little bit of anemia if you went to your doctor. What would he prescribe for you? IRON! So seems to be like its an important ingredient of your blood Yes, So if iron is floating around in your blood and If, I put a very powerful magnetto the top of your head. It is possible the slowly blood may start moving in that direction, isn't it? Lets say if its a very very powerful magnet. If we start slowly pulling it up because there is elements of I in the blood. Your body is designed like this. That your heart which is the pumping station of the circulatory system is 3/4 of the way up not half way down, Because it is difficult to pump against gravity easier to pump towards gravity so its placed here. Generally, all the pipes that are flowing down are larger ones.

 What is going up or much finer ones as it goes up here. They're almost hair like so minute that. The circulatory system in your brain is such that if one extra drop enters there. Hemorrhages will happen people have strokes So, now you were like this Now, you went like this. Already, there is a little bit of imbalance in the system because heart was pumping calculating the gravitational resistance.  

Now suddenly, there is no gravitational resistance. You became like this and now you put your head towards, the north slowly. It gets pulled towards your brain. So one thing that could happen to you is you could have disturbed sleep. If you put you head to the north and sleep you could have disturbed sleep. All kinds of dreams happening, If you are in your old age, it is possible that you can have a stroke or you could just die in your sleep. Its very much possible. Not that, If you sleep, One day, you will fall dead every day, every day & every day. If your bed is arranged that way that every day you are sleeping put your head to the north. You are asking for trouble. Some kind of trouble. We do not know what kind of trouble you will get that depends on the strength of your system if it is weak very weak.
You may fall that or you may get a stroke or you may just get disturbed sleep. You may just have nightmares or during the day you act funny. So many things will happen because excess circulation is happening in the brain when, It should not be happening simply because you put your head to the north So, In case you go to South America then, you should not put your head to the South, If you went to Australia, you should not put your head to the South, You should you can put it to the north, out thereIn the northern hemisphere. You do not put your head to the northEast is best North east is ok. West is alright, South If, you must north No! Tonight before you go to bed spend at least 12-15 minutes reminding yourself. You're neither this body nor this mind just lie down and just Remind yourself. This body is not really you do you know in about if you live for about 60 years you're on an average most human beings are eating anywhere between 1100 to 1400 tons of food. So, that means even what you think is my body is not this its changing every day. 

New input is happening and all things are going away, So 1,400 tons, you don't have carry that much of weight right now. So obviously, What you have as a body right now, It's just a transient amount of food and soil, isnt it? So what you think is mine also is not it it is just all the time changing so at least try this much, What is my body is not me? What I think is my mind is not me it is mine right now for use, but its not really me Just, if you're not able to do it just link it to your breath Inhalation. I am not the body Exhalation. I am not even the mind just lie down for 12 minutes and do it till the last moment till you fall asleep with Something you must notice most human beings when, I say most, I am very generous with the percentage ninety 9%. Nine percent of the human beings never noticed that moment when they're slipping from wakefulness to sleep. They will simply go off like that if they're alert they cannot sleep But, there is a way to sleep in an alert manner. 

If you sleep like that, One thing that will happen to you is your sleep quota. If you are sleeping for eight hours. It will simply drop to three to four hours just straight away. Now, that moment when you are passing from wakefulness to sleep. If you can still be conscious. That I am not the body and I'm not the mind believe me something remarkable will happen. Why does one person need well by prescription. These days eight hours and why another person can do with half of that? 

See one thing is as, We already went through the very physical body that, You carry is just the food, that you eaten, isn't it? If you eat right and do certain things with your body.

     You see very effortlessly within three to four weeks. You can drop your sleep quota anywhere between two to three hours. One and a half to three hours very easily you can drop If you just eat consciously and just learn to sit properly. 

        You know just the posture, your geometry of the body and What goes into the system, If you just manage these two things. You will see sleep quota will just come down like that. At least forty to fifty percent. The food that you eat must be alive. You eat dead food and you want to live this is a little difficult thing. To do because you have to raise the dead now. But, if you eat live food one thing you will see is the state of your mind your focus and your sleep quarters and Above all staying awake is not good enough. You have to stay alert, isn't it? 

How alert you are how focused you are only to that extent everything else to you in this world, isn't it so. So, if you eat a leaf or vegetable a fruitnut or a sprout. This is much simpler. If you must eat non-vegetarian food. You must eat that which is farthest away from you.So, Generally fish and water life is farthest away from you. So, if you must eat non-vegetarian food. Fish is the best thing to eat that way.

10 Tips to Sleep Well & Wake up Well 

 You can incubate a lot of either negative things or positive things in sleep. This is getting too easy – just sleeping sadhana, So coming awake to an alarm bell with a sudden start is not the best way to do your life.

       How many of you find that one day morning when you get up, without any reason you are just feeling ugly for no reason. If it is happening even at least two, three times a year, If it is then you must do certain things before you go to bed, it’s very, very important. Because unconsciously, you need to understand this, You can incubate a lot of either negative things or positive things in sleep. Either pleasantness or unpleasantness, You can incubate very effectively uninterrupted in sleep. You can also incubate it in the day but there are so many interruptions. It doesn’t happen very efficiently, but if you have a tendency to go to bed in a certain way and you wake up in the morning really nasty for simply no reason,that means you are incubating things in the night very efficiently - bad eggs. This is not just about psychological disturbances. It can cause major physiological problems over a period of time. 

   It’s important that you eliminate these things from your life. Tips to Sleep Well So, before you go to bed in the night, there are certain things that you need to take care of.

 Tips to Sleep Well 

  • Meal Times & Sleep Times - It’s best if you are eating meat and other kinds of mealsyou eat at least three to four hours before you go to bed, the digestion is over.Before going to bed drink a certain amount of water and go to bed.You will see it gets taken care of just like this.
  • Take Shower Before SleepingOne simple thing can be, just a shower.Always to shower before go to bed, it’ll make a lot of difference.In this weather maybe cold showers are difficult so you go for lukewarm showers.Don’t go for hot showers in the night, go for lukewarm showers.It makes you alert.So you will think oh I cannot sleep.It doesn’t matter. You’ll sleep fifteen, twenty minutes or half-an-hour later but you will sleep better because, It will take away certain things.When you shower it is not just the dirt on the skin that you are taking away.Have you noticed,if you are very tensed and anxious, whatever, just a shower you came out it feels like almost the burden has been taken away from you?
  • Have you not noticed this? So it’s not just about washing the skin. A whole lot of things happen. When water flows over your body. This shower is a very rudimentary Bhuta Shuddhi because over 70% of your body is actually water. If you run water over it, a certain purification happens which is beyond cleaning the skin. One more thing if you want to do, you just light an organic oil lamp, a cotton wick, some oil – anything. What do you use here? Normal cooking oil,lint seed oil, rice bran oil or sesame oil, What do you have?  Olive oil, fine. Any organic oil with a cotton wick, just burn a little lamp somewhere in the room where you sleep.

  • You will see these things will completely disappear. If you can bring in a chant or there are nightly practices, yogic practices before you go to bed,sit on your bed and do this practice. If you want to do Isha Kriya, It’s available on the net. Generally in India they told you, You should not put your head to the north and sleep. You are aware of this?  
  • If you put your head to the north and sleep during the night when you…when you are in horizontal positions then, slowly the blood will get pulled towards your brain. When there is too much circulation in the brain you cannot sleep peacefully. If you have any kind of you know, inherently week aspects in your brain or if you are of old age you could die in your sleep. One can have hemorrhage because extra blood is trying to enter the brain where the blood vessels are hair like,something extra is being pushed because of the magnetic pull. When you are in a vertical position, this is not so. The moment you become horizontal, this pull on the head is so strongthat slowly the blood tries to move towards the brain. So to avoid this...This is true only in the northern hemisphere. If you go to Australia you should not put your head to the south. If you are in India you should not put your head to the north. You can put it any other way, it’s okay. Keep this in your mind that you are truly a mortal, okay, not in words, really
  • You could fall dead right now. You may be young, you may go old, It doesn’t matter. You can fall dead right now. Yes or no? Before you go to bed, sit on your bed and think this is your death bed. You have just one more minute to live. Just look back and see what you have done today is it worth while. Just do this one simple exercise and you don’t know when it really happens. Whether you’ll be sitting on your death bed or lying in a hospital all kinds of things sticking into you. Who knows how it’ll happen? But enjoy this every day that you’ll sit on your death bed, look back and see todaythe way. I have handled these twenty-four hours is it worthwhile because now I am dying. If you do this you will live a worth while life, believe me. So every day in the night all of you should do this before you go to bed. Last three minutes everything that you have gathered –the body, the content of the mind, things, don’t ignore small things these small things are big things. I have seen how people are carrying their… their own private pillow, you know (Laughter)because it’s very important. So your pillow, your footwear,if you have relationships, everything that you have gathered keep it aside, sleep. If you sleep in that condition you will wake up with much more light, with much more energy,with much more possibilities than you have imagined possible. 
  • Just sleep as life, not as a man, not as a woman, not as this and that. Keep everything down.Simply. This is getting too easy- Just sleeping sadhana (Laughter). At least this you must do. So what kind of sounds come awake to will determine the context of the day and the future of your life in many ways. So coming awake to an alarm bell with a sudden start is not the best way to do your life. It is best that if you need a certain amount of sla…If your body right now because of the kind of food that you consume and the kind of thoughts and emotions, that you process within yourself accordingly you may… and the level of vibrance that you’ve managed within your body will determine how much sleep you need. Let us say you need three… I’m sorry (Laughs), Let’s say you need eight or twelve hours of sleep. I was saying the wrong number (Laughs). Whatever amount of sleep you need, you know how much you need. So you go to bed early enough so that you come awake naturally. 
  • If you’re coming awake naturally,and suppose you have a doubt whether you’ll come awake or not, if you have a certain chant, if you’ve identified one of the Vairagya chants you can use it. Physiologically one important aspect of you is your heart, the pumping station for your blood circulation which pumps life across the body, This one thing doesn’t happen, nothing happens.This starts from left side.So we told you… you know, in India they have told you, when you wake up you must roll to your right side and get up. Have they? Left side if you roll and get up, bad things will happen to you.Did they tell you? Bad things are not about that,when you are in a certain state of relaxation, when the body is in a relaxation, the metabolic activity is low. When you get up there is a certain surge of activity. That’s why they told you India,see, all these things are built into your life which you are throwing away. A whole science of living has been built into your life. They told you in the morning before you wake up,you must rub your hands together and see like this (Gestures).  Hmm? Not see like this, you must place it upon your eyes. You do this (Gestures – rubs hands), you will see god.It’s not about seeing god, if you rub these two things together all the nerve endings,there is a heavy concentration of nerve endings in your hands.If you do this, the system comes awake immediately.You’re feeling asleep, you’re feeling sleepy just do this (Gestures – rubs hands) and see. Everything comes awake. So morning before you move your body you get it awake firstand then place it upon your eyes instantly a whole range of nerves connected with your eyes and the other aspect of your senses come awake. Before you move your body,  your body and your brain should be active. You shouldn’t get up dumb. That’s the idea. You understand (Laughs)? So you do that and then roll over to your right and get up.Today if all of us go to bed by tomorrow morning nearly a quarter million people won’t wake up.

  • Natural death in the world. Suppose you wake up tomorrow, you guaranteed? Have you come with a guarantee card? No guarantee card. So suppose you wake up let’s say,just do this much,  I’m telling you, this is a simple-first step to your spiritual process.Tomorrow morning when you come awake, check, you’re really awake or you dead?If you are awake, it needs at least a little celebration.You don’t have to get up and dance, at least you can smile, still on! Quarter million people died they were like you and me, pupp (Gestures), they went off, isn’t it? Wherever you look they are not there. Here I am still alive. One big smile, will you? I’m talking management (Few laugh). Then if quarter million people died, At least, three to five million people lost somebody who is dear to them. You check those three, four, five people who matter to you, all of them alive today. One more big smile? Hello? Will you or not? Alive (Gestures). If suppose right now. We put a gun to your head, will you think it’s a relief? No. You’ll be terrorized, isn’t it? So that’s how precious it is to be alive. Isn’t it so? That’s how precious it is for you to be alive. So, Tomorrow morning, a quarter million people died overnight but you still alive,does it not at least deserve a big smile, I’m asking you?And all the people who matter to you are all alive today, one more big smile!


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